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Rising Rock
Rodeo Bible Camp

605 Roots helps sponsor Rising Rock Rodeo Bible Camp. This camp is a newly founded Christian Camp located in Sioux Falls, SD that was established in 2022. This camp offers a 4-day overnight summer camp for children 8-12. We help these kiddos grow in their faith through horses and the sport of rodeo. We allow teens and adults to come volunteer. For  more information please go to our website,

We have a primary focus bible verse for the duration of camp. Campers will have lectures about the bible and lessons on their rodeo class discipline. We dedicate the primary focus towards God during camp. How can we see Him working in our everyday lives? What has He done for you? What blessings do you have? How can we lean on Him and follow His direction?

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Classes and Volunteering

We offer a variety of classes that range in skill level. We have roughly 70 campers and that requites a lot of help! We allow anyone that is 13+ years old. Go to our website for more information on our classes and volunteering.

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