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Everything You Need to Know

Are there any physical requirements?

The drills will be challenging, but you will be asked NOT required to do all of them. We will adjust each session to fit your needs.

Is there an age limit?

Ages 2 and under are not accepted for sessions. However, we have had clients who are 80+ years old that have participated. If you can get on the back of a horse you can join us!

Do I need to know how to ride horses before doing a session?

Nope! You do not need any prior horse experience (contact or riding) to do a session with us.

How long will a session take?

A session typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour depending on the client.

Does horse therapy actually work?

Yes! Check out our facts here

What do you charge?

The cost would be $200 per session however, we do not turn anyone away, so please inquire in our contact us page to find out what your alternative options would be.

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